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Database Performance

Designing the right network is crucial to your business.

The database is the life blood of your company. However, it can be the most difficult part to manage. Data continues to grow at a faster and faster rate while the need to access, analyze, and return that data requires faster and faster responses.

Providing faster access to a rapidly expanding database is a complex undertaking. Historically, the only answer was to throw larger and larger vertical systems at the problem which can provide diminishing returns. PCL Solutions provides database performance optimization, architecture, and planning to meet and exceed these requirements.

PCL Solutions will work to understand the true needs of the system to design scalable, redundant, and most importantly — highly available systems.

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For the Start-up

When the moment hits and your company takes off, don’t let your infrastructure hold you back.

Our Scale-up for the Start-up program is designed to provide an affordable, highly scalable infrastructure that will grow as your business does. We combine scale-out consulting with a hosted horizontally scalable infrastructure that is purpose built to meet your needs.

You can choose from a menu of pre-built offerings or work with PCL to customize a solution.

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Network Design

Designing the right network is crucial to your business.

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding to a new office, adding a wireless network or are looking for enhanced speed and resiliency in your network, PCL will provide the expertise you need to make sure your network and business plans are aligned.

As a top managed services and hosting company, we have the networking knowledge, experience and resources to ensure your design includes the elements of speed, security and resiliency that today’s networks require. PCL will help to design and implement a network that meets both your business and budgetary goals.

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Scalable Architecture

We work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business and help create a scalable design to help you grow.

What works for one field doesn’t necessarily work for another and what works well in the test and small usage environments starts to break down under the increased usage and added load when users and data increase exponentially.

PCL Solutions brings a holistic view of the complete architecture. Scalability has to be envisioned and implemented across all layers such as the network, application, database, storage, and more.

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Video Surveillance

Professional surveillance systems start with proper planning.

Whether you are looking for a system to protect your employees, secure your assets or monitor your work environment, PCL Solutions provides an end to end digital surveillance solution. From our 3D rendering of your blueprints you will see not only where the cameras will be installed, but what they will actually cover.

PCL Solutions will provide professional implementation services for the network, cabling, installation, and configuration of your new surveillance system.

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Catch the Wireless Wave.

PCL provides a solution that will allow your organization to catch the WIFI Wave. We provide wireless connectivity faster, easier, and most importantly – smarter. We provide deeper coverage throughout your environment with fewer access points to manage.

We are a wireless partner you can trust to provide a complete wireless solution built around your specific needs and requirements.

To receive a level of customer satisfaction that you will remember, contact PCL Solutions today.

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