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Disaster Recovery

A proactive approach to disaster recovery planning can make all the difference.

Let us help you design a plan that will protect you and keep your business running.

Nobody likes to think about a disaster. However, the time to think about it is not when it’s happening. PCL Solutions provides comprehensive Disaster Recovery services for DR , BCP, and Workplace Recovery.

Each company has significantly different requirements that make their business unique. PCL Solutions will work to understand what your recovery point objectives are, and how to reach those goals as fast and as cost effectively as possible.

Whether you need co-location, private cages, geo-redundant sites, or full work places for your employees PCL Solutions has got you covered.

Network Security

Protect your Company from Web based Attacks

Every day we see another example of a company brought down by hackers looking to disrupt operations or steal valuable information. Companies need to be vigilant in providing a strong network security plan to thwart these attacks and protect their perimeter.

At PCL Solutions, we will work with you to design a network security system that takes into account your specific business needs, making the most of your budget and ensuring that your systems remain secure and available.

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Let us show you the different options and how they can help your company.

Virtualization has been a game-changing technology for IT providing substantial savings in energy, hardware costs and IT management. Still, many companies lack the internal resources and know-how to capitalize on these opportunities. PCL Solutions offers a wide array of services to help you understand and implement a virtualization plan that is right for your company.

Whether you are looking to virtualize servers, applications or desktops we can help you to plan and implement a customized solution leveraging some of the most well-known names in virtualization (lVMware, Citrix and Microsoft) as well as more affordable open source technologies.

Let our experts accelerate your IT and creative initiatives

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