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AI Security Surveillance Cameras

Improve business safety and operations
Rhombus Systems

Smarter Physical Security

Intelligent cameras and sensors, securely managed from a single platform. No bulky hardware, manual maintenance, or complex configurations required.
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rhombus camera

The Rhombus System

Rhombus Console
AI Analytics & Edge Processing
Securely access and view live video remotely, quickly find and share footage, and manage users from a simple unified platform.
Rhombus console
Intelligent, cloud-based security cameras that run off a single PoE cable. No additional hardware required.
Rhombus cameras
Enhanced protection and insights with integrated asset tracking, door sensors, environmental sensors and motion sensors.
Rhombus sensors
Analyze video automatically to issue alerts for specific people, objects and vehicles without taxing your system.
Rhombus AI analytics
Integrate with leading enterprise tools in just a few clicks. Rhombus works the way you work.
Rhombus integrations
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Why Rhombus?

Turn video into actionable insights
  • Hybrid-cloud architecture operates even during network outages
  • Industry-leading video streams (under one second)
  • AI analytics for people, vehicle and object recognition
  • Real-time alerts sent to any device
  • Find, save, and share footage in seconds
  • Interactive maps and floor plans
Rhombus features


One cable installation. Eliminate the cost and hassle of NVRs and hard drives.


Save up to 50% versus comparable enterprise security systems.


End-to end encryption, automatic updates, third-party tested.


99.9% uptime with the lowest bandwidth consumption and video latency.

Smarter Security, Safer Buildings

By approaching safety with a software-first approach, we’re making security as seamless and modern as the organizations we protect.
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Verkada security cameras

How Verkada Works

Command Platform
Security Cameras
Access Control
Manage all devices across sites with Command, a web-based platform that’s accessible from any browser. No configurations or plug-ins required.
Verkada command platform
Easy to install and online in minutes. Verkada’s hybrid cloud cameras are built with onboard processing to analyze footage at the edge.
Verkada security cameras
Cloud-based access control seamlessly integrates with video security, providing real-time visibility into events across sites.
Verkada access control
Environmental sensors monitor and detect changes happening across your facilities to provide meaningful data-driven insights.
Verkada sensors
Secure your sites with 24/7 professional monitoring and alarms that can leverage your existing Verkada security ecosystem.
Verkada alarms
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Why Verkada?

verkada ease of use
Ease of Use
  • Quickly find footage with advanced search filters
  • Share access to live camera feeds via link or SMS
  • Manage system health and user permissions
verkada secure storage
Secure By Default
  • Eliminate the NVR and common cyber threats
  • Protect data with end-to-end encryption
  • Leverage AWS to store data securely in the cloud
verkada remote access
Remote Accessibility
  • Manage cameras across sites in one dashboard
  • Access footage from any device or browser
  • Find, share, and archive footage in seconds
verkada bandwidth friendly
Bandwidth Friendly
  • Deploy cloud cameras that operate at 20kbps
  • Get reliable performance in low-bandwidth areas
  • Scale coverage without impacting network speed
verkada cloud storage
Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Store footage locally without NVRs or DVRS
  • Get the reliability of local & cloud storage
  • Store footage indefinitely with cloud archiving

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