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Interactive screens & displays

Promethen screens boost decision-making, speed innovation, and elevate collaboration in the workplace and provide a seamless and integrated learning experience in the classroom.
ActivPanel ti

ActivPanel® Titanium Pro
for the Workplace

ActivPanel Titanium Pro hardware, software, and integrations were built to bring more efficiency and creativity to businesses and organizations of any size, in any industry.
Bring meetings to life
Bring Meetings to Life

Ideal for any sized company or organization that wants to speed decision-making, boost innovation, and elevate collaboration…affordably.

In-person & Remote Collaboration
Brainstorm and synthesize information with colleagues across the globe. Spread out your ideas on our infinite white board with built in business templates. Or use integrated partner tools and apps such as Mural. Perfect tools for a digital whiteboard for business!
In-person and remote collaboration
ActivPanel ti pro
No Nonsense Meeting Logistics
Save 5 to 10 minutes of wasted time in every meeting. Start with the touch of a button and use your preferred meeting app for remote participants to join. Connect to the ActivPanel Titanium Pro with or without wires to share presentations and files with in-person and remote participants.
Secure & Simple to Manage
ActivPanel Titanium Pro for business integrates into any technology environment reliably and securely. And its intuitive interface means fewer frantic calls to IT during important meetings. Manage your digital whiteboard for business just like any laptop or desktop resource.
Secure and simple to manage
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Interactive Displays & Screens for Education

NEW ActivPanel® Elements Series
The new ActivPanel Elements Series continues Promethean’s 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built interactive displays for education that are designed by teachers, for teachers.
ActivPanel ti

ActivPanel Titanium™

Our most powerful, teacher-friendly classroom solution. Providing enhanced interactivity, Bluetooth on-board, and advanced computing power, the ActivPanel Titanium interactive display delivers the most seamless and integrated learning experience available for the classroom.
ActivPanel ni

ActivPanel Nickel™

All the essentials, all-in-one, and value focused. Combining the latest classroom technology and packed with everything teachers need right out of the box, the ActivPanel Nickel is the essential interactive display for education and a reliable solution for schools looking to replace outdated technology.

Designed by Teachers for Teachers

With a 20+ year history of designing interactive whiteboard and interactive display technology for education, let’s examine why Promethean’s classroom solutions will empower teachers with user-friendly software tools that align with school/district’s goals and learning initiatives.

Interactive Screens or Displays?

Prior to the introduction of Interactive Displays such as the ActivPanel Elements Series, the technology known as ‘Interactive Screens’ was mostly restricted to touchboards that still utilized a project-based system. With the advent of interactive displays, where the actual display with the data was clickable, interactive screens and touchboards are slowly being replaced.

Meaningful Collaboration

Both STEM and collaborative learning (57% and 43% respectively) were identified as top learning initiative priorities for schools and districts. Promethean interactive displays for the classroom are more conducive to STEM curriculum implementation because they feature digital tools that enhance the teaching experience. With up to 20 simultaneous touch points and a simplified user interface, Promethean’s interactive whiteboard software entices student interaction on an infinite learning canvas. Integrated Wi-Fi and available Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for teachers to connect STEM-based apps and accessories.

Helping Schools Stay Ahead of EdTech Trends

Four in ten teachers cited updating technology as a key priority for their school/district. However, older classroom interactive whiteboards quickly become obsolete when factoring in the cost of bulb replacement and expensive software upgrades. In comparison, Promethean interactive display solutions are based on LED technology, so they are virtually maintenance free and have extended life spans. Furthermore, powerful lesson delivery software is included with Promethean interactive displays, without costly annual subscriptions.

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