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Digital Asset Management Solutions

Ingest, find, share, deploy and analyze your content, so your marketing teams can create more of it and less time trying to find it.


PCL Solutions helps better manage your creatives assets and workflows with Xinet, the most powerful server-based software and creative asset management solution available.
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With one single source of truth, rest assured that every component of your brand and guidelines are organized, available, compliant and approved for marketing.


Optimize your workflows, find your assets faster and spend more time on your core competencies.


Encrypted disks and security tokens protect your data, so assets are only accessible to those with proper authorization.

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Fingerprint is our specialized SaaS Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for creative workflows to store, manage, share and analyze all of your digital assets… that works seamlessly with Adobe Creative Suite.

Fingerprint supports companies, as well as design teams and creative agencies, to generate revenue by making content accessible and helping you go to market faster. DAM is a huge asset in helping you find the digital assets you need, so you can provide them to the people who need them easily and efficiently.

Reduction in search time
Reduction in recreating artwork
Gain in asset retrieval
Secure storage & file sharing
Marketing resource management

Marketers are creating more content and media than ever before, for multiple channels and markets, with the added pressure of telling a consistent brand story. Fingerprint gets teams on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, easy file sharing and storage, auto-formatting for channels and file types, and provides one central hub for all company materials and messaging. With company creative at your fingertips, your next big idea is a click away.

Rich in functionality and essential to anyone working with company assets, Fingerprint’s DAM module empowers the management of content files; providing anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital media via one centralized and easy-to-use portal.

Power back to the marketer

With Fingerprint, marketing teams can stay in control of their project planning, ensure the consistency of marketing materials and make relevant marketing content available across all departments and global offices.

If your creative department is looking to save time and money while improving operations and production, it’s time to look into Fingerprint for your organization!

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